Gender Equality Plan

Based on data from the State Statistical Office of the Republic of North Macedonia, the distribution of men and women in the overall population is nearly equal, with 49.9% being women and 50.1% being men. The Republic of North Macedonia has established a national framework for ensuring gender equality, encompassing laws, rights, and obligations. This national legislation and the supporting structures have been established to promote equal opportunities between women and men across various levels. The primary legal framework governing Gender Equality in the Republic of North Macedonia is the Law on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy overseeing its implementation. Currently, the ministry is in the process of developing a new National Strategy on Gender Equality for the period 2021-2026.

In 2011, the Republic of North Macedonia signed the Council of Europe's Istanbul Convention, which is aimed at preventing and combating violence against women. The Convention was ratified at the end of 2017. Additionally, the Republic of North Macedonia has created a National Action Plan for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention for the period 2018-2023.

In 2019, the Republic of North Macedonia introduced its own Gender Equality Index, scoring 62 points. According to the analysis conducted by the European Institute for Gender Equality, this score is slightly below the European Union average of 67.4 points, ranking the country 16th among EU member states. In terms of political representation and power, North Macedonia performs better than the European Union, scoring 52.6 points compared to the EU average of 51.9. Nevertheless, significant gender disparities persist, particularly concerning income, earnings, and the distribution of household responsibilities.

iReason LLC, established in 2021, embodies a visionary commitment to transforming cutting-edge AI research into tangible, real-world products. Central to our mission is fostering collaborative partnerships that fuel innovative research endeavors, including the pursuit of grants funded by the European Commission.

Recognizing the paramount significance of gender equality, a fundamental tenet enshrined in the UN's principles and deeply ingrained in the core values of the European Union, we are resolute in our pursuit of establishing equal opportunities for women and men within our organization. We firmly believe that this forms the bedrock upon which our employees can thrive with parity in all facets of their personal and professional lives.

Our dedication to the principle of equal opportunity transcends mere rhetoric; it permeates every level of our organization. From facilitating equitable networking and employee mobility to ensuring balanced participation in research and innovation initiatives, we actively champion gender fairness. This commitment not only elevates the standard of education and scientific endeavors but also enriches the quality of our work.

We recognize that gender equity is pivotal in research, teaching, scientific and research careers, leadership roles, and participation in organizational decision-making bodies. This commitment to equality is integral to creating a harmonious and high-quality work environment, benefiting every facet of our company's operation.

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